Sunday, October 7, 2012

So many people are bullshitting about this catastrophe with rock&glamorize - I had 2 conversations with customer service reps. Here they are.

Emily Ostermann:Good morning! I recently ordered several nailpolishes from the seller rock&glamorize, most of them at $.10 per bottle with free shipping. Many people I know also took advantage of these prices, and now the seller is calling us saying that the price was in error and offered us about half of our orders (some people were offered $1.50 per bottle, I was offered 12 out of my 31 bottles). Is this okay? Should I call the seller back and ask for the rest of my order?7:50:23
CSA:Hello, my name is Missy. I'll be happy to help you.7:50:46
CSA:I'm sorry about this. In all honesty I'm not sure. Do you mind holding while I have a supervisor take a look at your question? I want to make sure I provide you the correct information.7:51:41
Emily Ostermann:That's fine! I want to get this mess sorted out the right way, haha.7:52:07
CSA:Thank you, I'll be just a moment.7:52:25
CSA:I'm sorry. Since we have no control over the sellers inventory and they take care of listing the price. I would recommend contacting the seller and letting them know what you would like done. I am going to file a report on the seller because even if it was an error in the price they listed they should still honor it, that is just not good business to change it after the orders are placed.7:56:50
Emily Ostermann:Many people are saying that this seller has offered prices like this before. Is there a way to check their history?7:57:56
CSA:Customer reviews is the best way. When I shop with a 3rd party seller I always read the customer reviews, it helps me decide if I want to do business with them.7:58:44
Emily Ostermann:In addition, I got the idea to contact you guys after seeing this comment on a thread, where we've been discussing this catastrophe:7:59:09
Amazon customer service via live chat on their website said the seller must honor prices at the time the order was placed. Seller can not ask for more money nor cancel out orders. They said what is being done is against their terms and conditions and this seller must sell the polishes for the prices people have paid. They also encourage everyone who ordered to file a report with their investigative team as well. Your order is protected, amazon says they HAVE to sell for THE LISTED PRICES WHEN ORDER WAS PLACED!!!!!"7:59:22
CSA:I'll be sure to list that link in my report.7:59:32
Emily Ostermann:Any validity to this comment? <-- that's the full link7:59:57
CSA:They can't change the price, however if their inventory count was off or they ran out of stock they can cancel the orders or at least ask if your willing to wait until more stock is received.8:00:58
Emily Ostermann:Okay, that's a better idea haha8:01:37
CSA:I would respond to the seller and just say I was offered this product at this price, I expect you to honor it, if you don't have enough of the product I ordered either cancel the ones you can't fulfill or if your will to wait tell her you're happy to wait until they get more.8:03:11
Emily Ostermann:Thanks so much - I don't order from 3rd party sellers too often so I'm never really sure what to do in this situation.8:04:01
Emily Ostermann:I'll get in touch with her later today - is it okay with you if I copy our discussion to share with the girls on reddit who are having the same issue?8:04:50
CSA:That is fine. If you like I can send you a transcript of our chat.8:05:17
Emily Ostermann:That would be awesome. Thanks so much for your help!8:05:35
CSA:Your welcome. Is there anything else I can do for you today?8:05:48
Emily Ostermann:That's about it! Will the transcript go to my email, or somewhere else?8:06:17
CSA:Yes, I'll send it to your email.8:06:34
Emily Ostermann:Awesome. Thanks again! Enjoy the rest of your weekend :)8:06:49
CSA:Thank you. I hope you have a great day! 8:06:57
Thank you for contacting We hope to see you again soon! Please click the end chat link to close this window.

Emily Ostermann:Seller offering different prices for orders already placed - Is bait and switching okay on amazon?1:50:01 AM
CSA:Hello, my name is Gurvinder, I will be happy to help you today.1:50:14 AM
Emily Ostermann:Hk, Gurvinder!1:50:21 AM
CSA:Please provide me order number.1:50:43 AM
Emily Ostermann:i have several. let me get them for you..1:50:57 AM
My order numbers are as follows:1:51:10 AM
103-5783562-81538431:51:10 AM
103-8560042-73994491:51:10 AM
103-9594270-35266011:51:10 AM
103-2365576-57978031:51:10 AM
103-0232985-52746761:51:10 AM
103-4459891-26730581:51:10 AM
103-2328842-37394341:51:10 AM
103-7307505-43082141:51:10 AM
103-8198631-26874451:51:10 AM
Emily Ostermann:All are from the same seller, who offered many nail polishes for $.10 and free shipping staurday night.1:51:45 AM
CSA:Emily, seller's have their different policy to ship the items and they can decide item price they are selling on amazon.1:53:27 AM
Emily Ostermann:Obviously, the seller was flooded with orders, and now she's calling her buyers to offer them the price of $1.50 per bottle. Many of us were offered to keep our existing transactions, and receive a fraction of our complete order - in my case, i was offered 12 of the 32ish bottles I ordered.1:53:35 AM
Emily Ostermann:Is the seller obligated to send out all the bottles I purchased?1:54:11 AM
CSA:IS she asking you for different price?1:55:29 AM
Emily Ostermann:Technically, yes. I placed my orders, I got confirmation emails, and then I got a call from the seller saying she could only give me 12 of the 32 bottles I purchased for the same price.1:56:31 AM
Other buyers have been offered the price of $1.50 per bottle.1:56:50 AM
CSA:Thank for letting us know about this issue.1:58:04 AM
'm sorry to hear about this. 1:58:11 AM
**I am1:58:18 AM
Emily Ostermann:I agreed to her offer, thinking it was a genuine mistake and she confirmed the orders - they now say "shipped." I've looked around and heard that this has happened many times with this seller, so I want to make sure I can get my complete order.1:58:34 AM
CSA:I'd like to ask you to send a report to our investigations team about this. They deal with possible violations of our seller policies. Each report they receive is investigated and the appropriate action is taken. However, we won't be able to release the outcome of the investigation. Please go to the link below and select "Report a violation of our rules" as the subject line:1:58:36 AM AM
Emily Ostermann:Okay, thank you.1:59:17 AM
CSA:Do not worry at all. Out team will take care of this issue and your money and transaction is safe with us.1:59:41 AM
Emily Ostermann:I understand. Aside from opening an investigation, is it okay for the seller to not honor these prices? 2:00:38 AM
Emily Ostermann:Now that my items have been marked "shipped," is the seller obligated to send them all?2:01:03 AM
CSA:We have our separate team who deals with such cases.2:01:16 AM
Emily Ostermann:Sorry, there's really no good way to ask this question hahaha2:01:24 AM
CSA:Its is okay.2:01:33 AM
Emily Ostermann:Is there a way I can get in touch with that team?2:01:39 AM
CSA:I can understand that you were worried about this.2:02:02 AM
They will contact you back.2:02:14 AM
Emily Ostermann:Okay, thank you.2:02:35 AM
CSA:Your welcome.2:03:10 AM
Is there anything else I may help you with?2:03:17 AM
Emily Ostermann:I think that's it - Could you send a transcript of this conversation to my email? I'd like to keep it for my records.2:03:50 AM
CSA:Yes, sure.

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